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The Top 4 Advantages for Employers Who Allow Telecommuting

homeoffice-300x199It should come as no surprise that many employees would love the option to work from home if it were made available to them. What is surprising, however, is that the companies who allow this also have a lot to gain.

1). Big Money Saver! Office space is extremely expensive. Not only do you need to lease space, but unless you are in a furnished executive suite, you must cough up the cash for furniture, internet/phone connections, computers, office supplies, and cleaning, to name a few.

Depending upon the size of the company, allowing the right people to work from home can save millions each year. Continue reading

What is a Virtual Assistant?

virtual_assistant-300x199A virtual assistant is similar to an administrative or executive assistant with a few notable differences: They are usually independent contractors, meaning they work for themselves, not directly for your company. They also work remotely, usually out of their home. In most cases, they are hired on a part time basis and work for several different business owners at one time. The cost of hiring a full time employee can be prohibitive to many people, and unnecessary, as not every employer has a full 40 hours of work per week that they need to delegate to someone else.

When hiring a VA, flexibility is one of the most important factors. Maybe you need someone to take your calls and e-mail messages to you while you’re traveling or in meetings. Maybe you need ten hours of assistance this week, and twenty the next. More often than not, they can accommodate your schedule and needs. Continue reading

The Top 3 Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs (Right Now)


Business trips can be stressful, and unless you are lucky enough to have an assistant who takes care of everything for you, this app will change your life. All you need to do is forward confirmation e-mails from your airline, car rental service, and hotel to and they will automatically build you an itinerary for your trip that is accessible 24/7 from a PC, tablet, or smart phone. Bonus points: Tripit makes it easy to share your plans with friends, co-workers, and family. Also, it will let you know if your airfare is eligible for a refund.


So, you love using Tripit to keep your travel plans in one easy to access place. How do you plan to manage your expenses once you’re on the road? Receipts get lost, “extras” are forgotten about and not recorded; traveling in itself is stressful enough- let Expensify simplify your life.
Quickly and easily add cash expenses; automatically import all card transactions, record mileage, time and other reimbursable expenses. Sort your expenses by clients, projects, and the custom field of your choosing. You can even rebill expenses from your reports and send directly to clients, all within one app. Continue reading

The Benefits & Cost Savings of Using a Furnished Office Suite


Renting a furnished office space will result in an upfront out of pocket cost savings that you will save verses a traditional office.

Over the long term it will typically save the business owner money and can dramatically increase productivity.

Listed below are the reasons an Executive Office Suite might be the right solution for you: Continue reading

Competitors hidden cost when leasing an executive office suite vs Main Suites.

Typically, when leasing a furnished office, one expects an all inclusive bill. Unfortunately, there are many hidden costs you won’t know about until you receive your first invoice. The following are some additional charges to be aware of when leasing a furnished space:

Telecom/IT Package
Many companies are charging tenants upwards of $200 for phones and internet. You will also be charged set up fees for each of these services. Most companies also charge a fee for your voicemail.
Administrative Services:
Professional and personalized call answering and forwarding is convenient, but can get costly.
It’s great to have access all day to coffee, hot chocolate, and tea when you need a pick me up. It’s not so great when you have to pick yourself up off the floor when you see your bill at the end of the month!
Conference Rooms
Conference rooms tend to cost an average of $40 per hour, which is doable if you are not a tenant leasing space. When you are paying monthly rent, this is a charge that can add a significant amount to your bill if not closely monitored.
You will be charged for each sheet copied, and usually for use of the fax machine.

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