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How the Right Office Space Can Keep Your Employees Happy

Like any good employer, you want your employees to enjoy where they work every day. No matter how well you treat them or how much they like their work, however, a poor office space can have a negative impact on employee morale and, as a consequence, your bottom line. Read on to learn how an office space can boost your employees’ happiness.

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Office vending machines are great for snacking, but many employees with a busy workload won’t have time to drive down the road for a sandwich, much less pack a lunch the night before. Snacking out of the vending machine all the time will make your employees feel burned out and even sick. At Main Suites LLC’s office space for lease in Monmouth County, you can avoid this problem without having to cater. Our facility comes with its own café, serving
affordable, healthy lunch options and snacks so that employees can eat a satisfying lunch and get back to work feeling energized and productive.


Poorly maintained bathrooms and office spaces lead to low morale. If your employees have to deal with dirty floors and overflowing trash bins, they will resent the space that they work in and feel less motivated to do their jobs. When you rent with Main Suites LLC, you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable, affordable cleaning company because we do all of the cleaning for you.

Gym Access

Exercise has a well-documented number of positive effects on overall happiness. It boosts levels of “feel good” chemicals called endorphins and significantly reduces feelings of stress. Show your employees that you care about their happiness by leasing offices in a facility that includes a gym. Employees will love that they can get a workout in right before heading to work or just after finishing up. At Main Suites LLC, our gym features flat screen TVs, showers and personal lockers. In addition to feeling better overall, healthy employees who find it more convenient to exercise will take fewer sick days, get more work done and keep their stress levels low Continue reading