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Meetings Without Tears

conference room
Meetings are the cornerstone of any effective business practice. At their best, they allow your team to harness ideas and creativity to solve problems, meet your clients’ needs and address any issues.

Of course, meetings can also be tedious, unproductive and drawn out—the phrase “bored to tears” comes to mind. But they don’t have to be such a slog. Here’s how to hold a painless meeting that gets real results—no tears required.

Make a Clear Plan and Objective

Make a clear and focused goal for what you want to convey or accomplish during the meeting, as this will set the trajectory for the rest of it. Create a specific timeframe so that the meeting doesn’t run long and cut into other important tasks, and invite only key personnel who can contribute or gain something relevant to your meeting itinerary. Issue a bulleted itinerary of talking points the day before so that everyone arrives at the meeting with an understanding of the agenda. Continue reading