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Join us on a tour of Main Suites, LLC located in Eatontown, NJ  to find your next office space.

A Shared office space is cheaper than renting a private office. Workers must provide their own furniture and office equipment in private offices, as well as pay for cleaning services, maintenance and utilities. Our shared office spaces provides Individual Office Suites with office furniture, Internet, telephone services. Shared office spaces  can provide collaboration on projects as well as provide business-related social interaction.

People using shared office space also have reduced stress and improved time management. They can leave their work at work when they have an office, while some people who work from home feel guilty if they are not working when they feel that they should be. Shared office space offers workers a retreat from workday distractions that people who work from home experience.  Main Suites, LLC also provides a professional setting for telecommuters to meet with clients.