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Join us on a tour of Main Suites, LLC located in Eatontown, NJ  to find your next office space.

A Shared office space is cheaper than renting a private office. Workers must provide their own furniture and office equipment in private offices, as well as pay for cleaning services, maintenance and utilities. Our shared office spaces provides Individual Office Suites with office furniture, Internet, telephone services. Shared office spaces  can provide collaboration on projects as well as provide business-related social interaction.

People using shared office space also have reduced stress and improved time management. They can leave their work at work when they have an office, while some people who work from home feel guilty if they are not working when they feel that they should be. Shared office space offers workers a retreat from workday distractions that people who work from home experience.  Main Suites, LLC also provides a professional setting for telecommuters to meet with clients.

Professionalism Tips for Small Business Owners

Being your own boss is as rewarding as it is demanding. When you own a business, you must work hard and be disciplined, but making your own ours, pursuing your dreams and feeling proud of your accomplishments are well worth the challenges.

There are plenty of perks to working from home—including the luxury of working in your pajamas, for example. But the pressure isn’t completely off in terms of your image. We know that your work speaks for itself, but, in the world of business, sometimes you have to invest a little extra time and money into professional polish to succeed. Continue reading

A Killer Productivity Tip for the Office

More than ever, our workplaces are concerned with productivity, as more work piles in and results are demanded at an increasingly fast pace. It might start to seem impossible to meet all of your goals in a single workday.

However, there’s no shortage of ways to increase your productivity, and none of them involve working longer hours. One of the most popular at our discounted offices for rent in Ocean County, which we’ll share with you today, almost seems counterintuitive, but it works like a charm.

The secret is to re-organize your to-do list. It’s an incredibly simple yet highly effective way to motivate yourself to work smarter, not harder, and get more done throughout the day. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes.

Start out with this exercise: get a pen and piece of paper and write out your normal to-do list. Write down everything you have to do at work today—all of them, from answering e-mails to making meeting preparation notes and so on. Now look at your list. You might have as many as twenty items on your piece of paper. That looks overwhelming, doesn’t it?

If you’re like most people, that long to-do list is a major source of stress. As you tackle the first item, you’re most likely being interrupted by thoughts about everything else that needs to get done after it. This anxiety cuts into your productivity. Continue reading

How to Stress Less at Work

You know the feeling—it starts creeping up on you in the morning. Your shoulders tense up and your breathing tightens as you start to think in circles about all the work that you need to get done today. How are you going to finish anything? By 5 o’clock, you feel burned out by stress, and upset about the work you didn’t get done. The next day, it starts over again. How do you beat this cycle?

At Main Suites, LLC, we understand that work can be stressful, which is why we try to make our offices for rent in Ocean County as low-maintenance as possible for tenants. However, many of our tenants still struggle with work-related stress. Here are a few things to keep in mind for a more peaceful and productive workday.

Stop Believing You Have to Be Perfect

Trying for perfect is one thing. Beating yourself up for not getting there is another. This is the first step to beating stress. By acknowledging that you are human, and therefore have mental and physical limits, you can gain perspective on how stress really affects you and bring the cycle to a halt. Continue reading

Meetings Without Tears

conference room
Meetings are the cornerstone of any effective business practice. At their best, they allow your team to harness ideas and creativity to solve problems, meet your clients’ needs and address any issues.

Of course, meetings can also be tedious, unproductive and drawn out—the phrase “bored to tears” comes to mind. But they don’t have to be such a slog. Here’s how to hold a painless meeting that gets real results—no tears required.

Make a Clear Plan and Objective

Make a clear and focused goal for what you want to convey or accomplish during the meeting, as this will set the trajectory for the rest of it. Create a specific timeframe so that the meeting doesn’t run long and cut into other important tasks, and invite only key personnel who can contribute or gain something relevant to your meeting itinerary. Issue a bulleted itinerary of talking points the day before so that everyone arrives at the meeting with an understanding of the agenda. Continue reading