Professionalism Tips for Small Business Owners

Being your own boss is as rewarding as it is demanding. When you own a business, you must work hard and be disciplined, but making your own ours, pursuing your dreams and feeling proud of your accomplishments are well worth the challenges.

There are plenty of perks to working from home—including the luxury of working in your pajamas, for example. But the pressure isn’t completely off in terms of your image. We know that your work speaks for itself, but, in the world of business, sometimes you have to invest a little extra time and money into professional polish to succeed.

Phone and Mail Service

Many small business owners work from home. However, in the age of Google, anyone can look up your business address and quickly figure out that it’s a residence. There’s no shame in that, but having a notable office address boosts your image significantly.

Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with using your cell phone as your work number, but wouldn’t you prefer to keep your personal and professional life separate? When you sign an office rental lease in Red Bank, NJ that includes all-day secretarial support and a mail room, you can keep a separate phone line and address that boosts your professional image.

Invest in Your Business Cards

Business cards are a small detail, and it seems like a small thing to fret over them—the idea of obsessing over business cards was even once satirized by novelist Bret Easton .

However, these seemingly small matters can make or break your professionalism. After all, business cards are part of your first impression to peers and clients, right up there with your appearance, your demeanor and your website. A polished-looking business card made with thick, high-quality paper and an elegant typeface presents you as a professional right off the bat.

Meet Clients in a Professional Setting

When it comes time to meet clients, it just doesn’t feel right to take them in your home. However, the cost of renting an office to have on-hand can seem prohibitive to some business owners.

There’s a way around this problem, however. Rent a conference room or office with a company that offers flexible leases, including hourly or daily rates. That way you’ll be able to meet clients in furnished, professional offices without breaking the bank.