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December 17, 2014
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The Top 4 Reasons Your Home-Based Business Needs a Virtual Office

teleworkerAtHome-300x199Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as the gas prices continue to soar and people are looking to spend less time in the car, and more time with their families. However, it does have its drawbacks; if you want to learn how to maximize your productivity and maintain a professional appearance while enjoying the benefits of a home based office, please read on.

  1. 1. A Prestigious Business Address- All of your mail will be sent to your virtual office space, which will then be forwarded to you. Having a professional business address in a well known building or area will make you appear more reputable and trustworthy. This is also often preferable for people not looking to use their home address for business.
  2. 2. Conference Rooms and Office Space- Instead of meeting your clients in a coffee shop or for lunch, maintain a professional appearance by meeting in a conference room that can be rented by the day or hour, or use a private office reserved for Virtual Tenants. You will have access to the Internet, phone, kitchen, and coffee. (Main Suites offers this service to our virtual office clients)
  3. 3. Virtual Assistants- All of your calls will be answered by an onsite receptionist, who will take your calls in an skilled manner with your company name before transferring calls to you in your home. They can also be instructed to take messages and e-mail them if you find that more convenient.
  4. 4. Expand your business- If you’re looking to open a second or third office in a new city or state, a virtual office may be the safest and most cost effective way to achieve this. Customers typically prefer to use a local business over a competitor several hours away. You can immediately establish yourself with a new address in a new city with no long term lease and minimal risk.